It’s not a secret that teaching is a lucrative career, but it’s often incredibly demanding. Teachers can be overwhelmed and stressed, whether they’re having burnout issues, juggling their family life or tackling a student’s behavior. This is the reason it’s essential for teachers to keep up their motivation levels, so they can continue to create a positive impact in the classroom.

Luckily, there are plenty of books on teaching which combine motivation, new perspectives and methods. These books, ranging from Parker Palmer’s study of the underlying issues of education to Lisa Delpit’s study of cultural competence, will assist educators in unlocking their students’ potential.

This heartfelt picture book is a great choice for teachers looking to inspire their students. It shows how difficult life can be but that a little hope and perseverance will turn things around. It’s a powerful message that anyone can be able to relate to, and will inspire them to not abandon their goals no matter what they’re facing.

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